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Peaking program back to back after injury?

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  • Peaking program back to back after injury?

    I recently almost finished the 12 week strength template in preparation for my first meet. Less than 3 weeks out I broke my finger, needed several stitches, and cannot grip heavy for 3-4 weeks. There is another meet I can do almost exactly 12 weeks after I can start gripping heavy again. Is this fine or will doing nearly two 12-week peaking programs so close to each other cause any problems? In the mean time, I would like to try to maintain my strength and maybe use this time to cut weight a little. Any recommendations on exercises to focus on if I cannot grip?

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    You should be fine with that plan.

    If you can't grip the bar, I'd use a Safety squat bar and pull with straps, if possible.
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      Thanks Austin! Just wanted to make sure.