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  • Bridge 2.0 or GPP template

    Hello coaches. Som I'm trying to decide on doing bridge 2.0 or the Gpp template. I'm 40 weigh 205 and 5'8. My waist is at 39 inches according to the way you showed in your recent blog. I'm coming off of a crossfitish programming from the last 3 months. I did accomplish NLP the end of last year. My goal is to get Fat off and lower my waist to a more healthy girth. I'm currently following a nutrition program that has me weighing everything and getting 1974 calories and my macros are 133g protien 222g carbs and 61g fat a day. I do have a cheat meal once a week whatever I want with family. With my info what program is best suited for me?


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    That protein intake is quite low.

    And I'd probably do the GPP template.
    IG / YT


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      Thank you for the response. I can get my protien up 30g before bed with some casein. I finished ready TBAB so I'm gonna assume I need to hit 200 base line. The other 30 I can get from an extra scoop of my whey at my post work out snack. Does that look good?


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        That is improved!