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Questions about the 4 week time crunch template

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  • Questions about the 4 week time crunch template

    I'm asking this in the moderated forums because I don't want to disclose to much of the program. So if you think there's too much info in the questions, just ignore. I'll wait a few days and rephrase the questions in that case.

    I've started the 4 week time crunch template and have finished day 1 and day 2 of week 1.
    I've got some questions regarding the MYO reps and exercise selection.
    1. When I need to do 12-15 reps @ 8, but hit RPE 7 at my 15th rep with a certain weight, do I need to do an extra set with extra weight so I het the @8? Or do I just proceed with the sets of 5. The thing is I did this (just proceeded with the sets of 5) and I could keep going with doing fahves. RPE went to 7.5 the 4th set. I quit after 4 sets because I don't know how much soreness will follow from this new stimulus.
    2. I get quite a bit of elbow pain (tendon) when doing pulling movements for back (elbow flexion, so bicep curls are also a problem ). Doing quite a bit of reps on Pendlay rows AND pull-ups makes the tendon really angry. Pulling with a neutral grip works a little bit better. Can I replace the pull-ups with V-bar rows and the chin-ups with hammer grip chin-ups? Is there much disadvantage in doing most rows with a narrow grip, instead of a wide grip?
    3. S-S1 on week 1, day 2 made my lower back burn like crazy. Quads, hammies, glutes, ... were fine. Just the lower back was on fire!! Technique issue or would you expect this with this variation of the lift and programming?

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    Hi Rho,
    Thanks for the post!
    1. In this case, I'd just add more weight next time. You got close enough and RPE for a set of 15 reps is pretty tough to judge. That said 5 sets of the myo reps would also be just fine.
    2. Yes you can do that is it helps your elbow. Although I know personally, if I stick with chin ups, not doing any pulls up, I can manage my elbows well.
    3. You should be fine and we actually don't use the marks of soreness to decide much, if anything here. You might need to maintain a better lumbar position, but it's tough to know without seeing things. But a pump in the lower back that resolves is not too concerning.


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      Hello Leah,
      Thanks for the reply.
      1. Yes, I'll add 5kg next time. Could get interesting.
      2. I'll try sticking with just chin-ups and see what happens.
      3. If the immense pump in the lower back persists or it starts bothering me outside training, I'll get back for a form-check.