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Different templates for training sensitive vs. resistant lifters

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  • Different templates for training sensitive vs. resistant lifters

    I've been listening to your programming podcast and hearing about the training sensitivity spectrum. I started to wonder why you don't have different programs based on which side of the spectrum the lifter is. Shouldn't there be a low volume template and a high volume template? Or is that what HML and the 4-day Strength template are?

    Additionally, if somebody goes straight into the 4-day programs in his first year of lifting, how will he increase the volume in the following years as he becomes more resistant? Four days a week and two hours per session is probably close to the maximum time most people are going to have for training.

    Sorry if this is already discussed in the templates, I haven't bought them yet. I can't decide whether to go with the 3-day or 4-day programs...

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    We hope that people use the templates to learn about programming, to learn about their training response, and to adjust things accordingly over time. Our goal is not for people to be dependent on templates for the rest of their training careers, but rather to gradually increase their confidence and self-efficacy when it comes to training.
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