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Relative Intensity vs Tonnage

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  • Relative Intensity vs Tonnage

    I find a set of 8 @ 65% harder than a set of 6 @ 70% even though the relative intensity of each set is close enough to being exactly the same at 80%. This is especially noticeable by the 4th set. I have only started training in the 8-10 rep range in the last couple of months Do you think the lighter sets feel harder because I'm still adapting to the volume, or do you think it is because the total tonnage is higher in the sets at 65%? Or maybe a combination of both.

    I'm not really sure if the answer will have significant implications for my training, but I like to understand these variables.

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    The relative intensity of those two scenarios are not the same, one is 65% and one is 70%. If both are @ RPE 8, using that to describe intensity, the set of 6 is 79% and the set of 8 @ 8 is 74%.

    What you're describing is your work capacity being stressed likely due to unfamiliarity with that type of training. I do not think it's the volume or the tonnage independent of one another, it's both, in the context of a developing work capacity.

    The training management change would be to keep training- so- Don't change.
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