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SSLP Tips and Tricks for Women

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  • SSLP Tips and Tricks for Women

    Hey guys after listening to the tips and tricks podcast I had two questions about training women in the novice phase.

    1. Do you endorse the recommendation in SS for women to switch to triples when their fives stall on SSLP?
    2. In the context of the LP after fives stall, what load increases do you find optimal for women novices?

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    I'll start the discussion here.
    1. Switching to triples can indeed be a helpful way to get a couple more weeks of LP in for many women. It's not a necessary switch however and it's only going to extend the LP a few weeks, not months or anything.
    2. That would depend on the increases she was doing, but using 5# for squat and DL and 2.5# for press and bench usually needs to happen fairly early for most women. But again, there's not really a stock "all women do this" answer.