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Fasting & Workouts

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    I would recommend not fasting for a day. However, if you're going to do it, I would pick one day to do it on and not train that day. I would also really, really, really try to train the same days each week.

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  • ehampton2
    started a topic Fasting & Workouts

    Fasting & Workouts

    I'm not sure whether this belongs in the training or nutrition, since it falls under both.

    I'm thinking about adding a day of fasting to my weekly routine, as part of a religious observance for myself. I would like to get your take on how I should plan my training sessions. I've been following the Bridge program, but my schedule is regularly full, and it is sometimes difficult to get 3 sessions in per week. I'm recently divorced, and I see my kids a couple of nights a week.

    A typical week might look like this:

    Monday: Kids over for 2-3 hours
    Tuesday: Training night
    Wednesday: Kids over 2-3 hours
    Thursday: Training night
    Friday: Kids every other weekend
    Saturday: Kids every other weekend, Training day
    Sunday: Kids every other weekend, potential Training day

    Sometimes, work things or tutoring (a small side business I do) can get in the way of training nights, but I do my best to keep that time blocked out.

    I have an opinion on when I should try to incorporate my fasting, but I want to see what you think to see if it matches.

    Thanks for your time.