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The Bridge: Belts, elbows and arms

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  • Nithmister
    commented on 's reply
    Thank you, Jordan,
    My grip is already at the knurling but I will try consciously touching lower to see if that helps. I am not sure about the belt because I am only 15 and not sure I am good enough to use a belt yet. I have done PPL, then LP and know I am on the bridge. Been training about a 9months - 1y.

  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    I would just do low bar squats and I would obtain a belt for future training.

    On the close grip, your grip should be at the start of the knurling. Keep your elbows tucked during the descent and touch lower on your chest than a regular bench.

    I think if you're on the Bridge you're likely not an appropriate candidate for more training volume than what is currently being prescribed. Wait for your next program.

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  • Nithmister
    started a topic The Bridge: Belts, elbows and arms

    The Bridge: Belts, elbows and arms

    Hey guys,

    I'm on the 4th week of the bridge and looking ahead to 5th week on the last day there are beltless squats. However, I do not use a belt anyway so what should I do?

    -Option 1: Just do them anyway
    -Option 2: Do a different squat variation
    -Option 3: Do high bar squats (I squat low bar)

    Also, I have only started doing close grip bench on the bridge and I have found them hurt my elbows a bit. Also, I do not go aggressively close my forearms are still vertical and my elbows are not flaring. Usually due to day 1 when it comes to day 2 where I do OHP I have missed the last two sets for the last to weeks because my elbows start to hurt.

    On GPP days can we do more sets of arms and other assistance exercises. I say this because my arms are lacking compared to the rest of my body.