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12week v1 lift question

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  • 12week v1 lift question

    Hey guys,

    I'm headed into Day 4 of Week 6 programming on the v.1 Strength template. Planned for this Saturday.

    It calls for 2count paused DL at 1" off floor. It also calls for SLDL.

    My [email protected] for Comp DL is 395. I've never done that 2ct paused variation before. What would you guess is a normal "step down percentage" for [email protected] of the 2 ct variation?

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    Hi! We don't have a percentage to give you, and the goal is still to use RPE, warm up, and find the weight for the day. It will be less than your comp lift. :-)


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      Thanks Leah. 1 more question on this variation. The description says 2CT paused DL 1" off the floor. I read that to mean the bottom of the plate comes 1 inch off the floor then you pause for 2 CT before continuing up. However, in Jordan's demo video he pauses much higher (ie. at mid shin). Can you please let me know if it's 1 inch or 1 foot off the floor where the pause is to be maintained. Thank you


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        This is a pause 1 inch off the floor. His demo is actually a general paused DL video as you can pause the DL at any number of places. This one prescribes it 1 inch off the floor.