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Training Volume, the 4 day split, and a 330lb press

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  • Training Volume, the 4 day split, and a 330lb press

    Hey guys, cross-posting from the SS Forum hoping for more information.

    I'm interested in a more in depth look at the training variables involved in the 4 day split, such as Chase Lindley used, versus other intermediate programming such as The Bridge. (

    Coming off the NLP, the weekly squat volume is 45 reps with a 3 times per week frequency. On the 4 day split, the volume and frequency are reduced by 1/3 to 30 reps per week and 2 sessions per week. Obviously, The Bridge and other BBM progams, as well as HLM, go the opposite way on volume, with a marked increase. My understanding from PPST, Jordan's critique of 5/3/1 and TM, The Bridge, and a few other articles is that we should be increasing volume in the intermediate phase. I understand the fatigue dissipation that is achieved by the lower volume coming right of the NLP might help, but how is adaptation ultimately driven with such lower volume weeks to months down the road? Commentary or links to articles would be appreciated.

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    I think that any reply I post here will be misconstrued across the Internet and I don't think that would be good for Barbell Medicine or Starting Strength. I do find that thread very interesting however, and would use caution interpreting the outcomes of that programming especially when looking at the strength displayed on week 1 as compared to the meet.
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      Gonna Feigenbounce outta that one, eh? Respectable decision. I'll try to form my own interpretation.

      Enjoying the content in The Bridge and your other BBM Templates.