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12-Week Strength Modification

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  • 12-Week Strength Modification

    Hey BBM Crew,

    Thanks for all the info you put out there.

    In v.1 of the 12-week strength program there was a recommended pattern to follow if you wanted to do it 3 days a week instead. Ideally the volume will have to go up to where 4 days a week is necessary - just not sure how my tendons are dealing with the frequency/volume yet (already posted on the pain discussion forum) - so my question is: Is there a recommendation for running v.2 of the 12-week strength 3 days a week as well?

    I understand the frequency or volume may not be the culprit in my current inconvenience - but I also figured there would be others also curious about this option as well so why not have it in the forum.


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    Yes, I believe this has been discussed several times here before, and would be set up essentially the same way.
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      Thanks a bunch!