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  • 3 day hypertrophy plan and Q


    regarding the 3 day hypertrophy template, how should I best plan my training week? the template days "day 1" - "day 3" but does not give any week plan. should I do the classic mo, wed, fri with rest days in between or does itnl not matter? Due to my work schedule I would like to train Tuesday, Thursday, Friday with GPP on the weekend. Is there ajy reason not to traintl two days in a row?

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    The "ideal" 3 day week would include rest day(s) between your training day. With only three lifting days, that set up allows for a bit more recovery between sessions, which is a positive. But you can train two days in a row if that's the only way to get it done. That's better than not training, right?


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      indeed. I've also noticed day two is press heavy for some reason and doesn't seem to interfere much with the day 3 lifts. If I'm honest, I've modified the template with a machine day that resembles the barbell lifts for day 2. Thanks again