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    Hy guys! So I finished hypertrophy template today. Much gains, so wow! I actually see visible improvement in my physique. But I'm not here to praise you, I need yours advice
    I'm doing conventional dl since forever. Once a year I try sumo. So I did it today on last day of template , last set. What supposed to be rpe 8, with sumo was like rpe 6.(and thats with crapy technique)

    When I try sumo it always feels lighter and easier, but I never had the desire to learn proper sumo dl form.

    My question is, starting new template should I give sumo a try if I can lift more weight with it?
    Would I have more benefit with sumo rather than conventional because of more weight on the bar or not?
    (not competing but I would like one day)


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    I don't think it matters if you pull sumo or not based on weight alone unless you're going to a PL meet. That said, if you prefer it carry on.
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