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Article on Obesity and the Medical Community

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  • Article on Obesity and the Medical Community

    This is an article I wanted to share with the BBM crew, and especially you, Austin - in response to a thread I wrote several months ago, you shared an article you had written about weight loss and metabolic changed. This article is a long form story about obesity and the medical community. You probably know all this from you medical research, but perhaps there might be others on the forum concerned with weight/fat loss that might find it interesting.

    If you ever had time to read it, would love your thoughts. There is a lot in here, and much which echoes with your article, Austin, about the difficulties of fat loss. However, while there is generic reference to 'exercise' - there is nothing in here about resistance training, and the both the physical and psychological processes of getting stronger. And perhaps that's exactly why BBM exists! There is a lot in here that reminded me of your articles, too, Leah - but from my understanding of what you wrote, strength training allowed you to find a different way of working through these issues.

    Thanks for all the content that BBM puts out, I'm a huge fan!!

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    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for sharing. This was also shared and discussed a bunch in our BBM FB group.
    IG / YT