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    I see a lot of companies trying to improve employee health through company health initiatives. Some of what I've seen is pretty generic, meaning they talk about working out 3-4 times a week for ~1hr each time, but most don't get very specific.

    Have you guys approached or been approached by any companies to present barbell based training to their companies as a better way to improve employee health?

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    We have not.
    IG / YT


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      If you were, how would you go about it?
      Would you accept the invitation and go give a lecture/seminar? Or would you decline?

      In my experience, people working in an office do NOT want to lift heavy weights. It's dangerous/for meatheads/unhealthy/... pick you favorite dumb reason not to lift weights ...
      Running ... now that's (the) sport! ...sigh...


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        My company (HP) gives us access to a free onsite gym with a bunch of machines, cardio equipment and free weights. The one squat stand is minimalistic but does the job. The lady that manages the gym is a yoga instructor, so not a goldmine of lifting information. Its a good deal and if we had BBM curriculum included it would be even better.


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          The last place I worked had an onsite gym you could use but no guidance on how to use it. It had a power rack and a wide assortment of dumbells and the usual cardio equipment. Most just did the treadmills or bikes.