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S-S2 on Press Template and Block Pulls

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  • S-S2 on Press Template and Block Pulls

    Hi. I'm currently on week 1 of the Press template and I'm doing high bars as my main squat. On day 2 I should do high bar / belt squat / split squats, but i'm already doing high bar and dont have a belt, and split squats seem so weird to me I can't even do the bar. Should I still do high bar without belt or something else?

    Also, my gym doesn't have blocks to pull. Should I do paused squats with the pause on the mid shin?


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    You can do block pulls off of plates stacked under other plates or do rack pulls (if there's a crappy bar to use). I would prefer those over paused DL's.

    I would also get a belt, as you and your training will benefit from it likely.

    For day 2, belt squat isn't squat w/ a belt, but rather a belt squat is squatting with the weight hanging from a dip belt between your legs. If you're in a commercial gym, I'd do leg press or split squats.
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      Thanks Jordan. I think I miswrote, my gym doesn't have a belt squat machine (I do have a belt). I would ask you then if it would be fine to do leg press on that day and the day that you suggest leg press or RDLs (third movement on friday) I would do RDLs


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        Yes, that would be just fine!