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Recommendations for where to go next after RPE

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  • Recommendations for where to go next after RPE

    Issue: Wondering if any of the BBM medicine team have a recommendation on where to go next.

    Discussion: I just finished an RPE and nutrition (high protein, moderate carbs, low fat) program received from Dr. Feigenbaum. RPE program was designed to maintain previous established level of strength (using squat, press, and dead-lift variations) while also reducing body fat. In my assessment, the programs were successful. My updated goal is to maintain my current level of leanness and build muscle. My instinct is to go back to cycle back onto a body-building type program for 4-6 months. Another option would be to just recycle the RPE program. In doing this, however, I don't think I could build muscle back where I want it (arms, abdomen). Of note, I have no major injuries that would restrict my programming.

    Recommendations: ?

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    There seems to be a bit of misunderstanding here. There is no such thing as an "RPE program" or someplace to "go after RPE". RPE is simply a tool for autoregulating programming parameters, allowing for fatigue management based on real-time performance. It can be applied in essentially any training context.

    We don't know enough about you or your response to training to provide specific / "unique" recommendations for you. In general, training volume is of primary importance when it comes to hypertrophy, and there are a multitude of programming strategies that could work in this situation, assuming you are exposed to sufficient training volume.
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