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  • Autoregulation question

    I am doing a homemade hypertrophy program while on a 1 lb/wk cut that is using 3 - 4 sets of 8 reps at RPE 8 for the compound lifts. Is there much difference in outcome in overshooting the RPE on a set say hitting RPE 9 vs. doing 7 reps to maintain RPE 8? What I am trying to ask is can I modulate the number of reps during a set for autoregulation or is it more effective to modulate weight on bar in the context of maintaining muscle mass on a moderate cut.

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    You're asking if doing a set of 8 at 73% (ish) is significantly different than doing a set of 8 @ 75%. I don't think there's any meaningful difference in a single set here.
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