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12-week Strength MWFS or MTuThF

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  • 12-week Strength MWFS or MTuThF

    Looking like it should work, but figured I'd ask if there's any problem moving the 4 days from M-W-F-Sa to M-Tu-Th-F? Gym is scheduling events on occasional saturdays and I'd rather squeeze my training into the week rather than skip a session unless of course it's better to skip (pretty sure I know the answer to this one).

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    We prefer M/T/Th/F anyway
    IG / YT


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      Hate to jump in here, but on a related note, as far as the conditioning in this program, you'd be going to the gym 6 days a week total. Is there any way to do it after the lifts on say Monday and Friday? If so wouldn't the effort exerted in the workout diminish the GPP work when done after as opposed to on a fresh day? And is this a problem


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        You can certainly do the GPP work after lifting. If that's the best way for you to get all of the training in, you do it, and it's just fine. :-)


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          Originally posted by Austin Baraki
          We prefer M/T/Th/F anyway
          Why is this, anyway? Just based on evidence from a large set of training history?

          I personally also prefer it, but I also did my most successful 4-5 months of training goign Tu/Th/Sat/Sun to limit training on days I was also in the office. Of course this was meet prep so that's a factor too.

          Just curious I guess. Ultimately seems like a pretty small rock.


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            Yeah, it's a VERY small deal, comparing the MTuThF to TuThSaSu. It is from experience, but the days can certainly be altered.


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              Thanks for the replies!

              My answer to why MTTF -- My wife will be happy to have more of my weekend back (honeydo's), plus I get two days to recover for monday squats. Plus my gym is starting to have more events on weekends so may as well just move everything

              For GPP I'm trying to structure to have least impact, putting them after workouts. Tri/curl on Tu/Fri (more recovery time after), Steady state cardio and abs Wed, upper back Th, and HIIT cardio Saturday. Both cardio sessions are on the bike since I have a trainer (used to do back to back century rides). I like having 6 days of exercise and one day completely off, especially with that one Saturday not taking too much time.


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                I liked only training 3 days per week because I looked more forward to coming in then when I do 4 days. Especially with the gpp days in my head I'm like crap I gotta go to the gym which is something I never thought I'd say.