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    When can we expect the Barbell Medicine Novice Linear Progression to drop? I'm nearing the end of the SSLP (planning on bridge 1.0 after that), but my wife wants to start training in the next few weeks.

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    We don't have a release date right now, but we'd highly encourage anyone to begin training NOW, Or in the next few weeks if there's a particular reason for the wait), rather than wait for this. You can do quite well as a true novice on a novice LP, and we have a number of tips and tweaks for you posted here and in podcasts. I know it would be great to have it all in one place, but not yet! :-)


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      Thanks for the update. She's postpartum, so we're waiting for her OB doc to clear her before starting.


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        I'm also looking forward to this release. I'm hesitant to send a couple of friends to SS as the attitude (strength matters more than waist measurement) will likely scare them away from all training.


        • Leah Lutz
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          In this case, you can offer them the needed information to begin training without sending them there too. Every since I started coaching, there have been people that I have not sent explicitly to the SS site as I know there are things there that would be a problem for the.