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12 Week Strength Template v2.0 Questions

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  • 12 Week Strength Template v2.0 Questions

    Dear BBM crew,

    I'm really excited to start the above program next week. I'm currently left with a couple of questions:

    - I have never done the floor press and am hesitant to do them as I fear smashing my elbows and also the setup could be difficult in my gym. Does anything speak against doing feet up bench instead of floor press?

    - I'm a bit confused about the amount of "Arms work", f.e. week 7: "5 sets of 12-15 reps @ RPE 8, triceps press downs 2x/wk ,5 sets of 12-15 reps @ RPE 8, biceps curls 2x/wk", -> are the 5 sets each meant to be done twice, e.g. 10 sets each or 5 sets total, f.e. split up in 2 and 3 sets?

    - In the last week, there are only singles for each lift to the planned 1st attempt on day 1 and last warmup on day 2 programmed before testing at the end of the week. To me this seems like very little work/volume even for a testing week. I was under the assumption that for most lifters, at least some light back off work would follow after 1st attempt/last warmup. What were your thoughts here?

    Thanks in advance and kind regards

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    Hello and welcome!

    1. If you control the bar path, you will gently touch the floor and your elbows will be just fine. The floor press is a limited ROM, while the feet up bench is the same ROM but without leg drive. If you really can't/won't do floor press, you can sub something.
    2. The GPP work (arm work) is to be done as written, two different days a week, 5 sets of reps, two sessions a week.
    3. This is a typical testing format, and unless you have some personal training experience to indicate you will do well with something else, this is a great first try. I'd suggest doing it as written.


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      Thanks Leah! This was really helpful!