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Adjusting starting strength for cutting

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  • Adjusting starting strength for cutting

    Hi, I think I am pretty much at the end of my LP, and I'm currently doing the advanced novice program with a light squat day on the Wednesday. These are my numbers:
    squat: 170kg 3x5
    deadlift: 180kgx5
    ohp: 65kg 3x3
    bench: 100kg 3x3

    I changed the OHP and bench volume as written in practical programming and my form on the squat is getting quite wobbly so I think I'll stop adding weight now.
    Question: If I want to cut, should I keep the program the same as when I've been bulking and just maintain the weight on the bar? I think Lyle Mcdonald recommends cutting frequency and volume by up to 2/3 on a cut so I'd probably do 2 workouts a week (A and B) and 2 sets for each exercise instead of the usual 3. My intention after cutting is to jump straight onto madcows 5x5, so I wondered whether it would be wise to change to that first before cutting (although I suspect it'll make no difference).

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    Hi there. Welcome to the forum.

    Out of curiosity, how familiar are you with our material?
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      well I watch some of your guys stuff on youtube and I think I read an answer to a question similar to mine but I couldn't find it again (not sure if it was on this forum or SS one)

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    I see.

    If you're at the end of your LP, we would recommend a programming change regardless of whether you choose to cut or not. Based on your numbers, it seems you have responded quite well on the squat and deadlift, while your upper body lifts are significantly undertrained.

    Also, we would not agree with the idea of reducing training frequency & volume by 2/3 while on a cut.
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