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Are any of the templates upper/lower?

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  • Are any of the templates upper/lower?

    I have read and used Bridge 1.0 in the past. I have also looked at the summary of other templates available, but couldn't determine an answer to my question.

    My question: Is if there is a strength and/or hypertrophy template available that has upper/lower setup (such as squat day, bench day, deadlift day, OHP day)?

    In no way am I questioning the science of how Bridge and possibly the other templates are setup. I simply know from experience I will enjoy upper/lower more and therefore adhere to it better.

    Thanks in advance for any answers and the great info from BM.

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    Nope, we generally don't program in that fashion.

    Of course, you are welcome to re-arrange things to your liking and see how you do with it!
    IG / YT