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The Bridge - Rack Pull / Deadlift Question

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  • The Bridge - Rack Pull / Deadlift Question

    I had a few weeks off of training due to a move and I detrained a bit so decided to spend a few weeks doing NLP, at which point I have reached (slightly surpassed) my previous numbers so I'm now moving onto The Bridge.

    I pull sumo in the deadlift, so should I use this same stance when I start doing mid-shin rack pulls, or should I use a conventional stance?

    I believe the sumo stance is better in terms of the spectrum of specificity, however using a conventional stance could just as well work from a hypertrophic perspective (torso angle), in the same way I do my rows in a conventional stance.

    Or do you recommend trying both and seeing what works better?


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    I would do block pulls/rack pulls with a sumo stance for you unless you're not interested in competing soon, which would make me argue pulling with multiple styles to be a bit more comprehensive for force production improvement.
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