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  • Pivot/Deload question

    So I just finished the bridge 1.0 and squatted 385 for 1 @ 8, deadlifted 405 for [email protected], pressed 140 for [email protected] and benched 212.5 for [email protected] Super happy with the results as I’ve only been consisentantly training for about 4 months. I was planning to take a pivot week then hop into the 3 day hypertrophy template and was wondering a few things about pivot weeks. I planned on doing eccentric tempo style work for the pivot week after doing a set of [email protected], is tempo work a good choice for this? Additionally, should I even take a pivot week or just jump into the next template? I’m feeling pretty beat up/run down and I figured it would give me a bit of a break. Thanks for all the great content!

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    Yea I think that's reasonable if you wanted to do a pivot week, but you would likely be fine jumping right into the next template given the change of pace.
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