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Might need to skip a week on Bridge 1.0

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  • Might need to skip a week on Bridge 1.0

    So just started Bridge 1.0 after doing SSLP off and on for the past far so good but looking at the calendar I kinda screwed up the timing because it looks like due to travel and the Thanksgiving holiday week 8 is going to be a challenge to get the sessions in. As far as where to pick up after the break....The FAQ included in the PDF says "Depends when this occurs, but usually we’ll have you jump right back to the week preceding your week off."....but since this is week 8, does that change anything with regard to where to resume the program?

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    Not a problem. I'd get in whatever training you can during the Thanksgiving week and just keep training with no changes. If you can even get in 1-2 days during that holiday week, that's better than skipping the full week, of course.