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Ski erg and upper body volume

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  • Ski erg and upper body volume


    1. Do you ever use the ski erg as a conditioning option on GPP days?
    2. Is there any general rule of thumb on volume of presses versus squats and deadlidts for an intermediate lifter? I note Alan Thrall's video where his pressing volume is pushing double that of his lower body lifts, as well as the novice plug in which delivers a significant increase in volume to the bench and press.



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    Thanks for the post.

    1) Sometimes, but I really hate it because it makes me feel awful.

    2) None whatsoever. Most of our templates have an even amount of upper body vs lower body slots. I think Alan's does too.
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      Thanks Jordan. If I may ask another question on the templates...

      There seems to be a pattern throughout of increasing volume initially through the block, with the expectation that the weight on the bar will increase consistently but regulated by what is an RPE8/9 on the day.

      The lift varieties might be greater in number or less specific to the competition lifts at this time. The trainee pushes close to the greatest volume they are trained to withstand, then a drop in volume occurs across the cycle, the weight on the bar continues to climb, and specificity increases up to a peak week.

      A subsequent run through the same cycle would be the same albeit perhaps with an increase in volume on some lifts, and different assistance exercises as judged to be most useful.

      Am I close?


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        Hi Doc. I think this video is referred.