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Work Capacity and Rest Times

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  • Work Capacity and Rest Times

    So, again updated after doing more research.

    I understand that work capacity refers to everything from aerobic conditioning, ability to recover between workouts and ability to recover between sets. It would be interesting to see something that particularly addresses adapting work capacity and what this is. Especially for those coming from SS, where we are taught that adding weight is #1 priority to all other variables.

    I am currently working on decreasing my rest times, for all lifts but find it really affects my overhead press, especially in the last sets (went from 6-7 min rest to 4 min rest). Theoretically and all else equal, will my body adapt to this decrease in rest time and eventually begin making similar rates of strength gains as before or am I simply making some sacrifice in strength gains for the sake of saving time for other things in life?

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    No. You're asking for conflicting adaptations to the stress being delivered.
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      So, just to confirm, then by choosing to decrease my rest times, I am choosing to sacrifice some of the strength gains. That is, if I had all the time in the world to train and took more rest between sets, the rate of strength gains would be greater. (Understanding that you can still increase strength regardless, just at a slower rate). I guess I was hoping that they were not mutually exclusive and that my body would be less affected by decreased rest times (due to RBE), therefore eventually allowing me to make gains at a similar rate as to before, albeit with greater work capacity.