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Hypertrophy Template 3 vs 4 days

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  • Hypertrophy Template 3 vs 4 days

    Hi there

    I am currently doing a 3 day strength protocol (Tactical Barbell, Operator) with 2 times high intensity conditioning (hill sprints, kettlebell work, bodyweight circuits, ...) and once a long steady state run/airdyne session a week. So it's 3 times strength and 3 times conditioning.

    I would like to go for a heavy hypertrophy block without losing too much of my strength.
    A program like Mass Made Simple will be too much, due to my conditioning needs and my shift-work (work as a LEO).

    My question:

    What would you suggest:
    1.) doing the 3 day hypertrophy template with all my conditioning I am already doing? (hill sprints, ...)
    2.) doing the 4 day hypertrophy template with a limited conditioning for those 7 weeks?
    3.) something else?

    Is there already conditioning built in? How does it look like?

    Thank you very much!

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    Hi Xene,
    This is really up to you and your goals. Sounds like you have a fair amount of conditioning, and that could impact your training result, of course. Based on this, I'd probably have you start with the 3 day template and then later move up to the 4 day template.

    Both templates have 2 days of conditioning built in (on top of the 3-4 training days) and this includes conditioning, upper back work, trunk work, and arm work.