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New Hypertrophy Template Clarifications

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  • New Hypertrophy Template Clarifications

    First of all, thank you for sending out the updated GPP Template to those of us who had recently bought the old one, I really appreciated that.

    I have a few questions about some of the supplemental work:

    1) Should exercise 3 of Day 2 be done in MyoReps throughout the program as opposed to sets of 8? The overview shows 8's, the weekly logs show Myo. I assumed myo but just want to make sure.

    2) Starting week 5, Day 3 exercise 3 goes from.. to MyoReps of ..
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    1) Should be myoreps. Looks like the overview tab was less helpful than I thought. LOL

    2) It is programmed correctly. You could do additional squatting in there if you want, but it's supposed to be an upper body exercise
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      FYI for BBM crew: I really like the overview tab. Nice to have something I can print for a quick glance while travelling. Don't kill it due to a small error!