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No change in E1RM after 12 week strength

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  • No change in E1RM after 12 week strength

    Ran The Bridge, Hypertrophy, and am wrapping up 12 week. No change in E1RM over the past 12 weeks. 38, 6'1", 195. Please advise.

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    Hi O'Brian, without information on what you did during these training blocks, we are unable to provide you with any meaningful feedback. Do you have any personal insight on why there was no change? Did you plan to add weight to the bar from week to week and for some reason that was not possible?


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      Hi Leah, thanks for the response. I ran through The Bridge, Hypertrophy, and 12 week templates as written. Looking through my notes, it actually seems like my E1RM has changed little since finishing the The Bridge. The hypertrophy template got me looking a bit more jacked, but didn't see much movement in singles. I have two more days left in the 12 week and same thing.

      I dont have much much personal insight into why this is. I really enjoy my training--I look forward to going to the gym, am dedicated to getting stronger, no dietary or health issues I'm aware of. Have seen Alex C for some coaching. The weight just doesn't seem to feel any lighter.


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        Hi! I hope it make sense that without actual training data, we can't actually see what happened or what you might need to change. However does this mean that you were not adding weight to the bar for your working sets, at least every few weeks? What did you do in that regard?

        Heavy weight is ALWAYS going to feel heavy, whatever that heavy is for a person. So a single at 8 is still hard work, we just get to bump that number up gradually as we train, get stronger, and get more efficient. The same applies to our working sets of any reps-set at RPE 8 and 9 are hard work. So we push reasonably, as we go.