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Belt or No belt for Paused Squats and 303 Tempo Squats?

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  • Belt or No belt for Paused Squats and 303 Tempo Squats?

    It is not stated in Bridge 1.0 whether I should squat with a belt or not for the 2ct paused squat and the 3-0-3 tempo squat.

    Should I squat without the belt or with the belt? I understand squatting more weight isn't always better, which is probably why you guys included variations to the regular squat.
    But since the two aforementioned squats are already significantly lighter relative to normal squats, should I decrease the load further by not wearing a belt? Or should I keep the intensity higher by wearing the belt? Or does it not matter because the RPE is going to be the same? If that is the case, why don't we train beltless all the time?

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    I would not use a belt on any exercise in that program where it doesn't specifically say "with belt"
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      Thank you!