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How important is the Cardio work?

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  • How important is the Cardio work?

    I have to console my training days to 3 days a week so can’t do GPP work on an extra day. My sessions are dragging out to approx 2hrs (3 barbell movements + arms + back or ab work) with strict 3min rests.

    i can barely justify spending 2hrs in the gym let alone 2.5 to add in cardio.

    how important is it?

    currently running bridge 1.0 but plan on running 3 day Hypertrophy next.

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    Depends how good your cardio development is right now and if you need any additional training for weight loss. What say you?

    I think the 3 day hypertrophy template is going to take you less time than the bridge if I had to guess.
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