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New to the Bridge - Higher Volume of Deadlifts?

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  • Leah Lutz
    Yes, you'll be building up some work capacity here. Lower the weight a bit on the rack pulls and build up from there.

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  • Peter5280
    started a topic New to the Bridge - Higher Volume of Deadlifts?

    New to the Bridge - Higher Volume of Deadlifts?

    Hi - I'm new to RPE training and the Bridge. Ran 5x5 linear progression for ~3 months, and then a four day split for ~ 3 months (and joined the 1000 pound club this last weekend with 360 squat, 250 bench, 290 deadlift). I've been following the Barbell Medicine crew on the tubes for the last couple of months, love the info, and I'm excited to start RPE training. My squats and closed grip bench presses went well, but my first attempt at the mid-shin pulls didn't. I thought 315# for 7 reps felt like a 6 RPE at most, but I couldn't finish my set of 7 at 325#, and deloaded to 275" to get the third set, which did feel like an RPE 8. Without having much more volume of deadlifts than a heavy set of 5 through the linear progression, I was gassed and not sure best way to approach finishing the sets. Anyone else struggle with the higher volume on deadlifts? Should I just start lower than a true RPE 6 to ensure the sets don't look like reverse pyramids? DId I just try to take on too much this first time around?