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12 week strength focusing on pause squats?

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  • 12 week strength focusing on pause squats?

    Hey all,

    How would you go about running the 12 week strength if you wanted to focus on pause squats as your main squatting movement for whatever reason? Swapping normal squats for pause squats straight up doesn't quite work here, since pause squats are also programmed as an accessory.


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    Why do you want to do this? What's your training goal here?


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      For a couple of years now, my comp squat has gone through phases of subtle form issues that drops my strength a decent amount and kinda ruins a training cycle. I haven't been able to consistently correct whatever the problem is without it eventually coming back, and so it really makes it impossible to progress. Pause squats, however, stay consistent (at least they seem to). So since I don't compete, I'm thinking of just exclusively doing pause squats as my main lift so that I can at least progress


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        Ok, this is interesting. So have you already run the strength template or is this your first time through? I ask that because this template in particular already has a high amount of paused/tempo squat work. So I am a bit confused as to what your goal with the squat change in this template will be. If it was me, I'd work on figuring out why your comp squat isn't going up and then continue to do the supplemental squats as programmed in this template. I can't wrap my head around what would go on with your squat that would make doing all paused work the better choice long term. That's going to slow down too., unless you are telling me that you can already pause squat more than you comp squat.


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          I think the main issue plaguing my squat (and to a lesser degree my other lifts) is that I go in and out of phases where for whatever reason I can't get tight under the bar. It'll feel heavy on my back, and the lack of good intra-ab pressure kills my bounce out of the hole, so my squats suffer. I legitimately have no idea why this happens, though, as I couldn't tell you anything that I'm doing differently. I guess going to pause squats really isn't the answer, but I have no idea what the issue is that's causing me to lose tightness like that.


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            I'd go ahead and do the strength template as is, and you might try posting a form check on the FaceBook group or unmoderated section here. If you keep a log here, there are also some very helpful lifters who hang out here willing to chat about your progress.