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why so much bench? day 2 3 day hypertrophy template

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  • why so much bench? day 2 3 day hypertrophy template

    a question about day 2 on the three day 7wk Hypertrophy program: why is it so bench heavy with no leg movement? could I sub a high bar squat in for the incline bench or press for the inc. bench? I feel like the legs are left out and I want to keep the volume on ,big movements (squat deadlift) high - if it makes sense to do so

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    We find that for upper body hypertrophy development that a bit more volume is useful. I probably wouldn't sub HBBS in for incline bench, but if you wanted to press you could. The bigger question is why would you want to press over incline benching?

    There are 4 lower body slots and 5 upper body slots so I would argue they are fairly balanced.
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      ah ok I understand. makes sense. I don't have an incline bench so I would probably sub it for a pause or touch n go press