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Not able to judge RPE when taking NSAID

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  • Not able to judge RPE when taking NSAID

    I noticed that judging RPE when using NSAIDs is very difficult.
    I took some Ibuprofen about an hour and a half before my last training and had a very hard time judging my RPE. I hit PR's on squats and block pulls for sets of 4. But, certainly for the squats, the RPE for that PR set felt like an @5. I know it couldn't have been a 5 since that would mean I made AAS kind off gains in a week time and I'm not playing that game for sure.
    The set just felt like I could've gone on forever.
    Is this something you would expect from an NSAID or did I just have an extraordinary day? (I did use a new belt and knee sleeves, but I don't expect magic from those)

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    That's definitely not what happens to me when I take Advil. :-) A PR at RPE 5? Sounds like an amazing training day.


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      It's not?
      Well, then it must have been an amazing training day. I finished the set of 4 and thought I still had at least a second set in me right there right then. It didn't even feel hard.
      I checked the plates twice afterwards.
      Lets see what happens next week.


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        Are you sure it was Advil and not some sort of super power containing pill? I definitely can not relate to this Congrats on the great session, though.


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