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Couple questions about Bridge 1.0

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  • Couple questions about Bridge 1.0

    Hi BBM crew,

    I'm currently running the Bridge 1.0, and I am midway through. I have a few quick questions.

    1. Are there acceptable substitutes for the pin squat and pin bench? I lift at a globo gym and the racks do not have a good position to place the pins. Can I do 2 ct pause squat and bench as acceptable variations?
    2. For the same reason, is there an alternative to rack pulls?
    3. What's the difference between the 1 ct, 2 ct, and 3ct pause variations? Weeks 1-4 use 1 ct bench but week 5 uses a 3 ct pause. What do the 2 additional cts add?
    4. RPE question: is it normal to make big jumps beyond the 1 RPE ~ 5% jump heuristic? Suppose the sq Rx is [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] x 3 sets. I usually end up doing something like [email protected] [email protected] and then [email protected] x 3 sets. The 30 lb increase is pretty big for 1 rpe, but I'd rate it an 8. In some sense squats get 'easier' the further along I go. This happened on my SSLP as well: if I could complete the first set of five then the 2nd and 3rd sets were always easier because I had gotten the first set out of the way. Does this make sense? Is something fishy?
    5. (not bridge related!) Where are the new shirts coming in?!

    Anyways, just wanna say thanks as well. After running the SSLP I struggled to make progress using TM/HLM set up. Been running the Bridge for four weeks, and I already feel a lot better about my lifting--fatigue is manageable, the exercise variations are fun, and I generally enjoy my training sessions a lot more.