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Session RPE and Acute/Chronic Workload

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  • Session RPE and Acute/Chronic Workload

    After reading some of Tim Gabbett’s data and one of the articles Austin posted about Load Management it got me thinking about calculating my A/C workload ratio. I’m currently doing the 7 week 3 day Hypertrophy template and I was wondering in the calculation would GPP days count into the ratio? I’m not really experiencing any pain/discomfort at this time but I was more curious than anything and would like to know a bit more. Additionally, the session RPE is independent of the working sets RPE correct? After the session was over one would reflect back and judge based on the accumulated stress for that session rather than averaging the RPEs for each set performed or to what degree does the set-to-set RPE play into the sessions? I hope that all made sense and thanks for the great content!

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    1. Yes, GPP days would count into the overall calculation

    2. Yes, sRPE is independent of each set's RPE. It's a general rating of the difficulty of that training session as a whole.
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