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    After watching the videos that BBM uploads, and seeing videos and other social media posts by other fitness gurus, I pose a theoretical question (one that is probably already answered somewhere). I am beginning to delve into dedicated strength blocks (otherwise known as "I make my own programming *gasp*), and going off of the templates BBM has provided, is it possible to run the first few weeks longer than they are "prescribed?" For example, if I find that I can continue to make progress with the first 5 weeks of the 12 week Strength Template (before the deload week), could I not extend it for 1-2 more weeks?

    A follow-up question is: could the "peaking" weeks (the last 2-3 weeks), be removed and allow myself to continue to develop training stress? Or just have it removed entirely, enter a pivot week, and prioritize new goals in the long-term development of strength?

    Just a thought! Feel free to move this to the appropriate thread!

    Thank you guys!
    -Particular Perkins

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    Yes, it's certainly possible to run the developmental blocks for longer if your e1RM trends are continuing to move in the right direction.

    If you want to skip the peak and move into a new training block that's fine too.
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