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  • 'Zercher' lifts

    Long story short, I smashed all three bones in my pinkie finger dirt biking last weekend. The orthopedic surgeon will be putting Humpty back together again tomorrow, but clearly I wont be pulling or pressing anything with that area for a little while. My SSB will let me get some squatting in, but the only movement (I can see) that may let me get some semblance of upper body work in with decent resistance is some variation of the Zercher lifts. Even if its just some shrugging off the pins I figure it has to be better than nothing.
    I'm only a garage hack, so my equipment is pretty much squat rack, barbells, dumbbells, plates and imagination.

    What would you guys do?

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    Yeah I'd probably do things like SSB squats / SSB good mornings, Lever rows, Landmine presses, DB rows/presses, etc. I probably wouldn't bother with shrugs myself.
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      Thanks mate.

      The marvels of modern medicine. Yesterday I wouldn't have thought it possible to insert six pins into such a small area, but here we are..