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Hypertrophy GPP 2.0 Template Question

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  • Hypertrophy GPP 2.0 Template Question

    I have purchased this template, but am currently running the Bridge 1.0. I am an experienced lifter, but mainly bodybuilding hypertrophy work. Trying to now get stronger.

    However, for the next 10 weeks, I will be in a calorie deficit I would like to lean out about 15 pounds before vacation. To increase the volume and calorie burn, would it be ok to simply use the GPP schedule from the hypertrophy template with the Bridge’s strength training (3 day) protocol?

    if so, I have a couple GPP questions:
    1) do I do the back and ab work one time per week or with each conditioning session?
    2) any issue with adding a 3rd conditioning session to increase the the calorie deficit.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Yes, that's fine.

    1) Either way is fine, depending on your preference
    2) Given your goals, there's no problem with this.
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