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7 Week GPP Hypertrophy Bias 4 Day vs 3 Day

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  • 7 Week GPP Hypertrophy Bias 4 Day vs 3 Day

    Hello BBM crew,

    Are there any major structural differences between the 4-day and 3-day version other than one more day and more volume?
    Meaning, can the 4-day version be converted to the 3-day one just like in the 12-week strength program?
    I'm asking because I'm not sure whether I'll be running 4 day a week or 3 day a week programming after I finish this strength block due to time constraints and recovery resources.
    So I was wondering whether buying the 4-day program will sufficient in both cases.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "structural differences other than an additional day and more volume".

    Anything can theoretically be "condensed" into a 3-day template, but that doesn't mean you'll tolerate that much training volume right away, or that a 4-day template condensed into 3 days is "better" than the 3 day template.
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