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    I will be faced with ~8-9 months away from a squat rack due to a deployment.

    At my immediate access I will have a barbell with hex plates, a smith machine, leg press, dumbbells, machines, and a bench.

    I know I have to train so my question is do I essentially learn to smith machine squat (in lieu of my current squat) or is there a different exercise recommendation in the months without a power rack?

    I might know know the answer but it is frustrating that it’s all I have at my disposal and would appreciate the insight.


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    If I were in this situation I'd probably train using:

    Front squats / paused front squats (cleaned/power cleaned from the floor)
    LOTS of leg presses
    Deadlifts & other pulling variants
    Barbell Clean + Press / Push press
    Lots of dumbbell work (presses & rows) and machine work (mainly presses & pulldowns/rows)

    You can do just fine with this. And I probably wouldn't bother with a smith machine squat in this situation unless you really wanted to.
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