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Putting the GPP back into the 7 week hypertrophy bias template

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  • Putting the GPP back into the 7 week hypertrophy bias template

    After running the 7 week hypertrophy bias with gains in strength and hypertrophy I find myself a bit more fluffy then I would like to be. Due to time constraints and wanting to maximize strength and hypertrophy I did very little in the way of GPP.Calorie restriction was pretty non existent. My plan now is to rerun the template with GPP and careful calorie restriction. My questions relate to putting GPP into the right places since in the past I tend to just shrink in size and strength when I restrict calories or add too much other work other than core lifts. After I get my waist and weight more in line I plan on running The bridge 3.0

    53 yr old male 6'4 265,45 inch waist

    Should I add arm movement and upper back to days where there is already some work being done there with the core lifts,like biceps curls on day one with Pendlay rows,triceps push downs on day 2 bench day,upper back on day 3 deadlift day or the opposite and put them on days where they arent as engaged?

    Is it best for recovery to do cardio and conditioning on off days or after workout days?

    In general(not related to this template) is it best to keep lifts to the core lifts to retain size and strength if someone has a larger amount of weight and fat to lose or do a more varied program with those core lifts for older lifters?

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    Hi there,

    To address your questions here-
    1. the upper back and arm GPP can be done after a training session or on a separate GPP day-doing your cardio and all of the GPP in one session. It's not going to matter to couple them with any barbell movements, and in your case, since you would like to lose weight, I'd argue that adding that longer GPP day means you are hopefully move a bit more on that non-training day as well. It's slight, but I'd lean toward that option if you can.

    2. The best choice in this situation would be off days, but the key is getting them done, so place them either on off days or after training in order to get all the work in.

    3. No, you're age shouldn't factor in here, and if you are using the hypertrophy template, you have a very decent amount of barbell training volume. Appropriate training volume (and intensity) coupled with smart weight loss is the key here. No need to make it more complicated than that!