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GPP Hypertrophy & 12 week Strength questions

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  • GPP Hypertrophy & 12 week Strength questions

    I'm a 36yr old intermediate lifter. Currently finishing a 4-5 month cut down to 190lbs running a PPL. Here in the next 2 weeks I'll reach my goal weight and be looking to move back into a growth phase.

    I'm considering the GPP 7 week hypertrophy (I've never really focused on hypertrophy before) or the 12 week strength program after my cut is done. If I go with the hypertrophy program I'd probably follow that up with something strength focused (12 week, HLM or just go back to Texas Method).

    My 2 real questions at this time are:

    1) I'm going to slowly step my calories back up to gaining ~.5lbs/week. So my first 3-4 weeks post-cut will be at or near maintenance calories. Should I start the Hypertrophy program right after the cut, or run the PPL until I'm up to my .5lbs/week calorie level before I switch programs?

    2) If I go for the 12 week program instead, are the strength improvements lasting/repeatable gains or is it really just for peaking for a meet or new 1RM attempt? I'm not so much interesting in peaking as I am with repeatable, lasting performance gains like I experienced when running Texas Method.

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    1. You can most certainly start the hypertrophy template at this time. Many people even use it on a cut since the high volume is helpful there too.
    2. We most certainly expect the strength improvements to be lasting! It is fitting for a meet prep, but as a strength template, it's goal is most decidedly to increase your strength, meet prep or not.