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Bridge 3.1: OHP substitution

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    Welcome, Doc.

    Incline or close grip bench would be my recommendation for this. Nothing terribly special about the OHP!

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  • SchneeVonGestern
    started a topic Bridge 3.1: OHP substitution

    Bridge 3.1: OHP substitution

    Hi coaches,

    I have a question about the Bridge 3.1.

    Context first: I am a 52 yo male, medical doctor, with a long history of athletic endeavours. Started lifting 12 mo ago. My goal is to patiently build the largest powerlifting total that I can. I have done SL 5x5 and an Andy Baker template. Now I am doing the 9-wk intermediate program from TSA for the 2nd time. After this I will do TB3.1.
    I have not been able to do OHP w/o significant pain in my left shoulder in the eccentric part of the lift. In the templates that I have done until now, I have therefore either discarded the OHP or (in the TSA template) substituted OHP with incline bench, which my shoulder tolerates better. Atm I can do pin press with pin height 1-2 inches above my eyebrows. If possible I will certainly try to gradually lower the pin in order to increase ROM.

    My question: Given my powerlifting goal and assuming that I can't lower the pin much, what would you suggest as a substitution for OHP in TB3.1? My thoughts is to either do incline bench or high pin press. Which of the these would you recommend? Are the other - and better - options? Of course, if I go with incline bench, I will do floor press on day 3.