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    week 8 day 2 of the strength template
    Deadlift with belt [email protected] then 4x4
    I had originally decided to go against working out two days in a row after squatting because I felt some gnarly pain in my lower back and decided not to deadlift because I didn’t want to risk a tweak.
    I ended up misloading the bar, I was supposed to hit 420(ayyy) but ended up loading 430 and hitting a 5lb pr for a tough rpe 9.
    How should I approach next weeks [email protected]? Should I try 435 or go for the scheduled increase at 425?

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    Go for whatever that day indicates would be [email protected] A general rule to follow is that 5% bar load adjustments will result in a 1 RPE change if rep count is the same. If the goal next week is [email protected]: you should aim for anywhere between 405-415 based on [email protected] from the then-previous week.


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      Understood, thanks for replying. Just curious though, why not continue with 425?


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        The use of "continuing" in this discussion implies that there is a predetermined load progression from week to week, which isn't in place in this template (if my memory is correct - I could be wrong, though). In the absence of a predetermined load progression, and in the presence of load prescription with RPE, you would opt for whatever load allows you to complete a set at the prescribed repetition count while meeting the RPE goal. It could be 425, it could be 405, who knows - your abilities could vary slightly on that day. That is why we use RPE for load prescription.


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          Understood thank you.


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            You can still have the goal of hittin 425 at rpe 8 but like Alex said above use the feeling of the warm up sets on the day to judge if you should try to hit your goal or reduce to maintain the rpe .