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Strength "crash" in 1 week?

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  • Strength "crash" in 1 week?


    Two weeks ago I deadlifted 215 kg x 5 as my heavy top set, and back off sets at 175-180 kg. Week after that I wanted to practice singles as top set instead of a set of five. That top single ended up being 220 kg x 1 @ 8-8.5 maybe? Anyway, week after that I could not even get 217.5 kg off the floor, and today 210 kg x 1 feelt much heavier than it should. Back off sets have been hit all of these weeks just fine, and added weight on them too. The weird thing is, that this "crash" is limited to the deadlift only. Other lifts "feels" like they are slowing down, but they are not "crashing" like the deadlift have.

    What could be the cause of this, will it be fixed by a low stress week?

    Been slowly losing weight over a few months time, but that doesn't explain this "crash", does it?

    Body weight ~100 Kg (220 lbs?),
    Height 185 cm (6'1?)
    Waist : ~ 91 cm (35.8-36 inch?)

    Best recent sets of 5 :
    Bench press: 103.5 Kg x 5 @ 9-9.5 (paus on each rep)
    Deadlift 215 kg x 5 @ 9.5
    Squat 160 kg @ 8
    Press 68.5 x 5 @ 9.5-10

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    I've found that taking a low-stress microcycle (or two, depending on how much your performance has regressed) is the best remedy for stuff like this. It is important to examine your deadlift performance trends leading up to the 215x5: if this was an abnormally peaked session then the sudden regression makes sense. However, if this figure is within the general range of your deadlift performances, then it is hard to say what caused this.