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The bridge 1.0 5 sets of deadlifts on week 2

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  • The bridge 1.0 5 sets of deadlifts on week 2

    Hello i have just started the bridge after 6months of ss and came to a point of w2 which needs me to do [email protected],7,8x3 deadlifts.
    Thinking it will be fine i have tackled it with my regular lifts, but at set 3 i could not even move the bar. (it was fine on the forst week with only e sets) Dropped off 45 pounds of the bar and finished with the last 3 sets.
    My question here is - how should the 5 sets of deadlifts be approached after coming off of a 1 set per week?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I would approach them as outlined in the eBook, e.g. use your estimated 1RM and percentages to predict your loads and then modify as necessary. Also, I wouldn't make too big of a deal about the volume increase, as that may negatively influence your experience and performance.

    So, if I had pulled 300 x 5 on my last week of LP and rated that a ~ RPE 9, then I'd plan on doing 5 @ 260lbs, 5 @ 270lbs, and 5 x 3 @ 280lbs- modified as needed.
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      Quick question on the number of sets. I'm also doing the bridge and I see for week 2 there are additional sets added. Actually week one had 2 sets on the BB rows and I think I did it wrong, I did all 3 RPE levels twice. From your reply above it looks like it's actually meant to just be the highest RPE that's done for multiple sets. Is this correct?

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    Yes, the repeats in the program are for the top sets only.